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Here are valuable tips for advertising and get the maximum results !

1 - Visual impact of the advertisement.
Having  attractive printed advertising for your direct mailing is your greatest asset. To achieve  a catchy advertisement, consumers should be able to understand the message in seconds and of course react to it ! The choice of images and their arrangement is extremely important , they reflect the seriousness and quality of your business. Sentences should short and precise, but beware: Too much unnecessary text may discourage your prospect client. In short words all your advertising should completely seduce your future customer , choose a creation of attractive advertisement !

2 - Sending on good "timing"
The delivery time of direct mail is very important, for example :
Advertising  roof repairing  in December is more likely to be ignored or , on the contrary , offering a skii package in June  , is certainly not the best choice of timing, you 're more likely success to November !
There are periods, annually or monthly where it is most appropriated for your company to advertise your products and services. It is a matter of knowing when are the best times to recruit new customers. This reflection will certainly save you time and money.


3 - Choose the right target market for direct mailing .

Where to send this ad? Why ? How ?
 It is best not to send an advertising of a retirement home in an area where the average age per household is 20-29 years ... Or promote videogames in an area of ​​the city or the average age is 60 years old ! You must put all the chances on your side targeting the market that perfectly matches your products or services and so , you'll optimize your main public interest to your company .

4 - Consitency
According to studies , the consumer must see the same ad up to 4 times before take action toward your buisness, a single shipment of flyers you might give an interesting result , but to get the full potential of advertising and maximize return of your investment , consistency is highly suggested ! Our most successful clients are not necessarily those who make ultra- large or investing astronomical sums , but those who keep a consistent and regular mailings, targeted areas , creating an image in the minds of consumers , by default , will buy from you rather than your competitor.





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